My Nephew Evan. Defiantly GQ Material.

A floating market vendor stops to enjoy lunch.

A real Urban Cowboy at the Stampede.

Coconut Drink Vendor at the ChatuChak Market. No one serves up a Coconut with the same glee.

Another Expo Attendee that got it just right.

I do not remember taking this photo, all I remember is a bright red light. Prior to that is a blank.

When Your look is this good, You have no choice but to attend the Comic Book Expo.

Another shot from Canada Day.

Reminds Me of Dark City. Taken in Vienna.

Youtuber making a Youtube video at Asok & Sukhumvit, Bangkok

Hat Shopping with my Favorite Person in the World.

a woman in a green top and white sleeves
a woman in a green top and white sleeves

From a Shoot at the Calgary Public Library. Professional Model provided by Canon Creator Lab.

Cowboy hats at the Stampede.

Stampede Slim.

The Real Deal at the Stampede.