Welcome to Trex photos, where I like to capture life and the energy of movement. From street photography, open air events, and of course friends and family. I enjoy the Photographic process and sharing those images.

photo of Childs hand holding up cardboard airplanephoto of Childs hand holding up cardboard airplane
image of girls on motorcycle from Bangkok Thailandimage of girls on motorcycle from Bangkok Thailand
photograph of runner passing underneath bridge with sunlightphotograph of runner passing underneath bridge with sunlight




Runner's Rush

Going Places.

Everyone is interesting and has a Story. Some will tell You their story, other will keep You guessing......

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2024 Calgary Stampede Photos

Bangkok, always in motion.

Places & Spaces.

Photos from this years edition of "The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth".

Runners! I appreciate Their Energy, Spirit and warm vibes.

About Me

I am Guntram Weisbrich, a hobbyist photographer based in Calgary Alberta. I have been actively taking photographs since 1975. In 1978 my Parents purchased a New Canon AE-1 and I have been pursuing photography as a hobby off and on ever since. When finances allowed for the purchase and processing of Film I would be out and about taking pictures. With the advent of digital photography I have the freedom to pursue that elusive just right image with out going broke from purchasing and developing film.

Maybe You got here by searching for dinosaurs photos or maybe Your looking for Mark Bolen pictures. Why trexphotos.com? Because crappyphotos.com was not available & guntramweisbrichphotography.com was too long and hard for people to remember. In short, I was looking for something easy to remember and this stuck(and was available). So really there is no hidden meaning here. The cool Logo was a freebee from the good folks at Hostinger.

So if You are here and You see Yourself in one of my photographs. Feel free to right click and download the image for Your own personal use. It is not cool to download photos of people You do not personably know! I do not give my permission for my work to be used, displayed or downloaded for any commercial gain or possible commercial gain by any third parties.

photo of photographer Guntram John Weisbrich
photo of photographer Guntram John Weisbrich

Photo Credit: Abigail Weisbrich 2023

Get in Touch, praise or critique. It is always nice to hear from others.

Capturing life one slice at a time......